Document the DHT's krpc module.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / apt_dht_Khashmir /
2008-03-05 Cameron DaleDocument the DHT's krpc module.
2008-02-24 Cameron DaleCheck response packet lengths before sending.
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleMore and better error messages in the DHT.
2008-01-16 Cameron DaleChange all print statements to log.msg calls.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleUpgrade the security in khashmir by using longer TIDs.
2008-01-10 Cameron DaleUse function for sending krpc responses, and add spew...
2008-01-09 Cameron DaleAdded more debug printing to noisy krpc protocol.
2008-01-09 Cameron DaleImprove the stopping of the krpc protocol so no timeout...
2008-01-04 Cameron DaleMade the DHT bootstrapping use IPs instead of DNS names.
2007-12-21 Cameron DaleDisable the deprecation warning for the khashmir tests.
2007-12-21 Cameron DaleChange all unittests to use twisted's trial.
2007-12-16 Cameron DaleMoved the files to appropriate package directories.