Fix an error in the actions that allowed for the result to be sent twice.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / debian /
2008-04-16 Cameron DaleSwitch the user name on startup.
2008-04-16 Cameron DaleBlock favicon.ico and allow remote stats requests ...
2008-04-16 Cameron DaleClean up the DHT config, making K and HASH_LENGTH const...
2008-04-14 Cameron DaleUse the mirror as a peer when there are few peers for...
2008-03-31 Cameron DaleMake the upload limit a config option.
2008-03-06 Cameron DaleRename all apt-dht files to apt-p2p.
2008-03-06 Cameron DaleRename project to apt-p2p.
2008-02-24 Cameron DaleStandardize the number of values retrieved from the...
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleRefresh DHT values just before they are due to expire.
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleMove the key expiring to the checkpoint function.
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleUnload the AptPackages caches after a period of inactivity.
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleUpdated the copyright definitions.
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleReturn a token in find_node responses, use it in store_...
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleAutomatically set the version in from the...
2008-02-20 Cameron DaleSnapshot build 2.
2008-02-20 Cameron DaleSnapshot build 1.
2008-02-18 Cameron DaleFix up some errors in the packaging.
2008-02-18 Cameron DaleInitial debian directory and packaging related changes.