Final version of INFOCOM paper.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / docs / paper / apt-p2p-paper.kilepr
2009-01-21 Cameron DaleFinal version of INFOCOM paper.
2009-01-19 Cameron DaleWIP on final version of accepted INFOCOM paper.
2008-09-28 Cameron DaleFinal version of paper.
2008-08-29 Cameron DaleMore work on the paper, almost done now.
2008-08-28 Cameron DaleAdded a new figure and lots of work on the paper.
2008-08-26 Cameron DaleMore work on the paper, including adding a new response...
2008-08-26 Cameron DaleAdded JC's changes to the paper.
2008-08-16 Cameron DaleAdded the new paper targetting INFOCOM to the docs.