ripped out xmlrpc, experimented with xmlrpc but with bencode, finally
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] /
2003-01-16 burrisripped out xmlrpc, experimented with xmlrpc but with...
2002-12-01 burrisfixed borked tab/space problems, damn ProjectBuilder...
2002-11-28 aaronswoops, forgot to test. fixed little bugs
2002-11-28 aaronswgeneral cleanup: tabs->spaces, comments->docstrings...
2002-10-14 burrischanged from bsddb3 to pysqlite
2002-09-23 burrisfix bugs in stringify
2002-09-23 burrismuch better method of converting between hashes<>integers
2002-09-13 burrisfixed 2.1 incompatibility
2002-09-13 burrisfix 2.1 incompatibility
2002-07-19 burrisInitial revision