2007-12-09 Cameron DaleIgnore the pyc and eclipse project files.
2007-12-09 Cameron DaleRemove all the airhook stuff.
2004-07-11 burrisadded a simple tcp over airhook proxy, not fully tested
2004-07-08 burrisbroke up khashmir class into base, read, and write...
2004-06-15 burrisnow if you provide a list to storeValueForKey it will...
2004-06-14 burristhis is a script for setting up a lot of khashmir nodes...
2004-06-14 burrisonly send the ID along in khashmir messages, don't...
2004-06-14 burrisalways use the socket's idea of host and port
2004-06-14 burrismajor cleanup, updated for twisted
2003-03-13 myers_carpenter * removing hack to allow threading
2003-03-09 myers_carpenter * adding setup.py, and __init__.py to make this instal...
2003-02-23 burrishandle late err messages
2003-02-22 burrisadded license information
2003-02-22 burris*** empty log message ***
2003-01-30 burriscallbacks now return a dict now that has the _krpc_send...
2003-01-30 burrisfix bug where we fail to return any values we have...
2003-01-22 burrischeck responses and fail if they don't come from the...
2003-01-20 burrisfixed reset connection handling
2003-01-16 burrisripped out xmlrpc, experimented with xmlrpc but with...
2003-01-13 burristwistified airhook, added reactor based tests
2002-12-23 burrisrenamed OrderedConnection to StreamConnection
2002-12-23 burrisbug fixes, more tests, looking solid now
2002-12-22 burrisstream connection class
2002-12-22 burrisairhook reliable datagram protocol
2002-12-10 burrisreformatting plus changed some method names, added...
2002-12-09 aaronswgeneral cleanup, added testing makefle
2002-12-03 burrisnow we store and retrieve node information from our...
2002-12-03 burrisadd invalidateNode
2002-12-01 burrisslight changes to test scripts
2002-12-01 burristab/space fix
2002-12-01 burrisfixed borked tab/space problems, damn ProjectBuilder...
2002-12-01 burrisutility module for random stuff
2002-11-28 aaronswremoving unused btemplate.py
2002-11-28 aaronswoops, another buglet
2002-11-28 aaronswfixed buglet
2002-11-28 aaronswgeneral cleanup. test_replace_stale_node doesn't pass...
2002-11-28 aaronswoops, forgot to test. fixed little bugs
2002-11-28 aaronswgeneral cleanup: tabs->spaces, comments->docstrings...
2002-11-28 burrisuse autocommit
2002-11-28 burrisquiet down the factory
2002-11-28 burrisfix bug in setting duplicate kv
2002-10-14 burriscanonicalize time for accurate sorting
2002-10-14 burrisremoved bsddb3 depenendcy
2002-10-14 burrisremoved h(k+v) field from database, wasn't necessary
2002-10-14 burrischanged from bsddb3 to pysqlite
2002-10-01 burrismo' constants
2002-10-01 burrisall rpc's return ([<args>], {<sender}), previously...
2002-10-01 burrisautomatically check responses to make sure it's from...
2002-10-01 burrisno longer keep our own node in table
2002-09-24 burrisupdate key expirer to use bencode - store access should...
2002-09-24 aaronswadded a short script with instructions on how to instal...
2002-09-24 burrisfix missing arg in storevalue errback
2002-09-23 burrisfix bugs in stringify
2002-09-23 burrisfix typo
2002-09-23 burrisfix peer update problem connection refused in store...
2002-09-23 burrisremoved client side connection host determination
2002-09-23 burrisfix missing arg conversion
2002-09-23 burrisfix refreshTable
2002-09-23 burrisminor fixes
2002-09-23 burrisgrab the remote end's IP address
2002-09-23 burrisdon't touch buckets when we are only reading from them
2002-09-23 burrismore constants
2002-09-23 burrisbencode is back, for marshalling before going into...
2002-09-23 burrismuch better method of converting between hashes<>integers
2002-09-22 burrisfix bug where less than K nodes were being utilized...
2002-09-22 burrisreturn K nodes and not K-1
2002-09-21 burrisbetter readme
2002-09-21 burrismuch better handling of ip addresses and potentially...
2002-09-21 burrismoved some constants
2002-09-21 burrisfixed some serious bugs in findNode
2002-09-21 burrisadd some default bogus values in __init__
2002-09-21 burrisrpcclient now returns a list containing the return...
2002-09-15 burrisbug fix in store value
2002-09-14 burrisunresponsive peers are now purged from the routing...
2002-09-14 burrisdon't return duplicates if we have a key in our store
2002-09-14 burrisfixed nonresponsive node handler
2002-09-13 burriscall from thread
2002-09-13 burrisnow search local store for keys in addititon to net
2002-09-13 burrisfix bug in find_node not encoding target properly
2002-09-13 burristype fix, sorry
2002-09-13 burriskeys persist for 24 hours +- 1 hour
2002-09-13 burrisfix bug in pong handler
2002-09-13 burriskeys and values passed as binary instead of encoded...
2002-09-13 burrisfix tests
2002-09-13 burrisnow we are using xml/base64
2002-09-13 burrisupdated for base64 encoding of hashes and values
2002-09-13 burrisfixed 2.1 incompatibility
2002-09-13 burrisfix 2.1 incompatibility
2002-09-12 burrisfix typo
2002-09-07 burrisnow with auto-expiring of stored keys/values
2002-09-06 burrisupdated for new khashmir
2002-09-03 burriscall back from GetValues each time we get some new...
2002-09-03 burrisnow we gracefully deal with multiple values per key
2002-09-03 burrismade user agent string a variable
2002-09-03 burrisupdated docs
2002-09-02 burristest harness update
2002-09-02 burrisupdated test
2002-09-02 burrisfinding values is now fixed
2002-09-02 burrismoved actions into their own file
2002-09-02 burristhis is the new khashmir, now based on Twisted and...