2016-02-13 Roland HaederCleaned up .gitattributes + converted CRLF -> LF (Uni... master
2011-03-25 Roland HäderProperties fixed
2010-09-14 Roland HäderSVN properties globally set
2009-09-19 Roland HäderAuthor field updated, doesn't display any data with...
2009-09-13 Roland HäderTechnology and research extended
2009-09-11 Roland HäderAdd more research, updated to FreeMind 0.8.0 version
2009-09-01 Roland HäderPromotional texts (German) added
2009-07-31 Roland HäderAverage values added
2009-03-11 Roland Hädersvn:keyword rewritten to svn:keywords
2009-03-11 Roland HäderSome more infos added
2009-03-11 Roland HäderRe-export of the mind-maps (currently the .mm files...
2009-03-10 Roland Häderglobal on _SERVER removed
2009-03-03 Roland HäderImportant legal notice added
2009-03-03 Roland HäderRevision number added
2008-12-11 Roland HäderTech tree v1.0 (draft) added
2008-11-13 Roland HäderNews file updated
2008-11-13 Roland HäderDocumentation structure updated
2008-10-08 Roland HäderLinks fixed
2008-10-08 Roland HäderOld-style files moved
2008-10-08 Roland HäderRenamed
2008-10-08 Roland HäderDocumentation more splitted into smaller mind maps
2008-10-04 Roland HäderPayment seperated out to external mindmap
2008-10-01 Roland HäderNot required files removed, mindmap extended
2008-07-05 Roland HäderIcon added, changing password merged into profile update
2008-06-11 Roland HäderMind map extended with login methods
2008-06-09 Roland HäderBenchmark result eval vs. call_user_func_array in objec...
2008-06-06 Roland HäderRegistration procedure added, some minor things extended
2008-05-24 Roland HäderRe-added
2008-05-24 Roland HäderDirectory renamed to prevent conflicts with ship-simu...