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2015-05-14 Roland HaederRenamed 'content' to 'main_content' + updated 'core'.
2015-04-18 Roland HaederCleanup of old stuff.
2015-04-07 Roland HaederXML node 'subject-line' now no longer have attribute...
2015-04-07 Roland HaederMisc fixes
2015-04-06 Roland HaederFixed a lot more 'web' to 'html' + updated 'core'.
2015-04-06 Roland Haeder'page' and 'command' were both the same (command),...
2015-04-05 Roland Haeder$config[bla] was an old way, now {?bla?} is used, too.
2015-03-22 Roland HaederRenamed 'ship-simu' to 'shipsimu' + added 'core' and...