moved to own sub directory, execute them as ./contrib/
[shipsimu.git] / db /
2008-11-20 Roland HäderSome updates
2008-10-05 Roland HäderPayment introduced, minor rewrites
2008-08-05 Roland HädergenerateUniqueId() and more useless/deprecated methods...
2008-07-01 Roland HäderMore game classes added:
2008-07-01 Roland HäderShip-Simu now has its own member/guest implementations
2008-06-18 Roland HäderTODO tag rewritten, first login action (empty for now...
2008-06-09 Roland HädercreateUniqueID -> generateUniqueId renamed, dataset...
2008-03-03 Roland Häder(no commit message)