eval() commands replace by improved object factory, user login class stub added
[shipsimu.git] / inc / classes / main /
2008-06-09 Roland Hädereval() commands replace by improved object factory...
2008-06-09 Roland HädercreateUniqueID -> generateUniqueId renamed, dataset...
2008-06-08 Roland Häder.svn directory ignored by many loaders
2008-06-08 Roland HäderdebugInstance() commented out
2008-06-08 Roland HäderFake class names added, insertDataSet() stub added...
2008-06-08 Roland HäderUserDatabaseWrapper is now changeable by config
2008-06-08 Roland HäderComments fixed... ;) And pre/post filters for registrat...
2008-06-08 Roland HäderSupport for cluster added to RNG, hashPassword() finish...
2008-06-08 Roland HäderSalt length reduced
2008-06-08 Roland HäderCrypto helper and RNG added (weak!)
2008-06-06 Roland HäderRegistration class added with stubs
2008-06-06 Roland HäderFilter fixed, message output rewritten to not die
2008-06-05 Roland HäderMissing directory db/user/ added, rules checkbox filter...
2008-06-04 Roland HäderNullFilter class added, partial filter for accepting...
2008-06-04 Roland HäderPassword validator added, if emails mismatch the reques...
2008-06-04 Roland HäderStub ifEmailAddressExists() finished
2008-06-02 Roland HäderAccess level fixed, registry is able to return instances
2008-06-02 Roland HäderRegisterable instances now possible, some fixes in...
2008-06-02 Roland HäderAccess level fixed
2008-06-02 Roland HäderRegistry introduces, comments fixed ;)
2008-06-01 Roland HäderEmail validator added (partly finished)
2008-06-01 Roland HäderFixed check of username
2008-06-01 Roland HäderReading of database directory added
2008-06-01 Roland HäderDatabase result added, SqlException added
2008-05-31 Roland HäderCriteria added for abstract database programming
2008-05-31 Roland HäderMore object are configureable, cache initially added
2008-05-31 Roland HäderClient renamed in Wrapper
2008-05-31 Roland HäderRenamed a folder, database client added
2008-05-31 Roland HäderComment header fixed
2008-05-31 Roland HäderSeveral clean ups
2008-05-31 Roland HäderFactory renamed, emails can now be unique in game
2008-05-30 Roland HäderMore class descriptions translated, generic user class...
2008-05-28 Roland HäderMore style convensions applied, interface updated
2008-05-28 Roland HäderStyle convention applied (incomplete), pre/post filters...
2008-05-27 Roland HäderUsername filter begun with basic checks
2008-05-27 Roland HäderTemplate engine now checks variables first then code...
2008-05-27 Roland HäderIntercepting filter basicly added, generic form process...
2008-05-27 Roland HäderRegistration form and form helper completed, XHTML...
2008-05-26 Roland Häder@throws command removed
2008-05-26 Roland HäderRegistration form nearly done, partial stub support...
2008-05-24 Roland HäderRegistration stub added, naming convention applied...
2008-05-22 Roland HäderWord translated, missing .htaccess added
2008-05-15 Roland HäderParser error fixed and header output rewritten
2008-05-15 Roland HäderExtended headers added
2008-05-15 Roland HäderMore smaller fixes, factory added to ship-simu
2008-05-14 Roland HädergetConfigInstance() is now protected, factories added
2008-05-13 Roland HäderFix for moved code
2008-05-10 Roland HäderRegistration controller added
2008-05-07 Roland HäderRe-added
2008-05-07 Roland HäderMissing files added
2008-05-07 Roland HäderSeveral small fixes applied
2008-05-07 Roland HäderBlub
2008-05-07 Roland HäderEven more renamed
2008-05-07 Roland HäderMore renamed
2008-05-07 Roland HäderA lot renamed
2008-05-05 Roland HäderDefault news controller added, some fixes
2008-05-05 Roland HäderFooter now added
2008-05-05 Roland HäderTemplate inserts fixes
2008-04-21 Roland HäderMessages translated to english, a lot uneccessary debug...
2008-04-21 Roland HäderTemplate engine does now insert all variables (work...
2008-04-20 Roland HäderMore fixes...
2008-04-20 Roland HäderCSS classes formed to ids and command LocalHome finished
2008-04-14 Roland HäderFix for double inserting of template code
2008-04-13 Roland Häderhome command now loads its template into the master...
2008-04-13 Roland HäderRemoved
2008-04-12 Roland HäderSeveral MVC classes added, entryPoint method rewritten
2008-04-12 Roland HäderMethod constructor() removed, several small fixes
2008-04-11 Roland HäderBase controller stub added
2008-04-11 Roland HäderMissing files for command pattern added
2008-04-11 Roland HäderMore patterns added, part description changed to object...
2008-04-07 Roland Häderfinal added, code clean-ups
2008-04-07 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for older tests
2008-03-13 Roland Hädermore 'final' statements added
2008-03-13 Roland HäderMore exceptions added, init of template engine moved...
2008-03-13 Roland Hädersupport for view helpers added
2008-03-13 Roland HäderNew exception introduced, minor parts rewritten
2008-03-08 Roland Hädergetter, setter are all final; several code clean-ups
2008-03-03 Roland Hädercore code merged, interfaces OutputStreamer implemented
2008-03-03 Roland Häder(no commit message)