Constants PATH and _DB_TYPE replaced
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2008-09-19 Roland HäderConstants PATH and _DB_TYPE replaced
2008-06-27 Roland HäderMore conventions than code added:
2008-06-20 Roland HäderRequest data is now generally secured
2008-06-15 Roland HäderLogin and auth classes added. WARNING: All class config...
2008-06-13 Roland HäderJust a space removed
2008-06-11 Roland HäderCaching of class content and developer mode added
2008-06-11 Roland HäderClass loader rewritten to SPL classes
2008-05-31 Roland HäderComment header fixed
2008-05-28 Roland HäderStyle convention applied (incomplete), pre/post filters...
2008-04-12 Roland HäderSeveral MVC classes added, entryPoint method rewritten
2008-04-12 Roland HäderMethod constructor() removed, several small fixes
2008-03-13 Roland HäderMore exceptions added, class loader can now load extra...
2008-03-03 Roland Hädercore code merged, interfaces OutputStreamer implemented
2008-03-03 Roland Häder(no commit message)