2008-06-29 Roland HäderDebug mailer finished and debug messages removed:
2008-06-29 Roland HäderEven more conflicting calls fixed
2008-06-29 Roland HäderConflicting getField() in BaseHelper vs. BaseFrameworkS...
2008-06-28 Roland HäderGeneric methods created from non-generic implementation:
2008-06-28 Roland HäderConfirmation hash now assigned with template engine
2008-06-28 Roland HäderUser class / resending of confirm link updated:
2008-06-28 Roland HäderComment header cosmetics applied
2008-06-28 Roland HäderMissing email template added, updated config and other...
2008-06-28 Roland HäderDebugMailer classes extended, again some minor fixes:
2008-06-28 Roland HäderLogin area extended and misc things changed:
2008-06-28 Roland HäderAll actions now have a prefix 'action_'
2008-06-28 Roland HäderLink to creating new company relinked to generic compan...
2008-06-28 Roland HäderCompany stubs now finished, output of 'company_status...
2008-06-28 Roland HäderMore stubs added, code "made" generic:
2008-06-27 Roland HäderMore files found which have been updated
2008-06-27 Roland HäderFollowing things are changed: (in order of class names)
2008-06-27 Roland HäderMore conventions than code added:
2008-06-27 Roland HäderUser/guest classes now have base class
2008-06-26 Roland HäderBlock helper added, login area with stubs
2008-06-26 Roland HäderCAPTCHA now works in registration form
2008-06-26 Roland HäderCAPTCHA code now gets validated
2008-06-25 Roland HäderPackager now includes itself
2008-06-25 Roland HäderPackager script for latest dev version added, misc...
2008-06-25 Roland HäderSeveral fixes (new class/filters) for guest login
2008-06-24 Roland HäderResorted...
2008-06-24 Roland HäderRandomized garbage added
2008-06-24 Roland HäderGarbage added to encrypted string
2008-06-24 Roland HäderCAPTCHA support basicly finished (weak CAPTCHA!)
2008-06-24 Roland HäderDoc-tag fixed
2008-06-24 Roland HäderMore bugfixes:
2008-06-24 Roland HäderImage controller/resolver and fixes:
2008-06-24 Roland HäderRenamed
2008-06-24 Roland HäderUnneccessary sanity checks removed
2008-06-23 Roland HäderFixes for XHTML validity
2008-06-23 Roland HäderFinal fixes for variable inserting
2008-06-23 Roland HäderFixes for template engine
2008-06-23 Roland HäderImage generator added, first CAPTCHA added with missing...
2008-06-22 Roland HäderClosing bracket fixed
2008-06-22 Roland HäderTemplateEngine is known as WebTemplateEngine (most...
2008-06-22 Roland HäderThe 'key' for encryption can now be taken from fixed...
2008-06-22 Roland HäderTemplates rewritten
2008-06-22 Roland HäderGraphical code CAPTCHA partly finished, crypto class...
2008-06-22 Roland HäderLogin form now links to registration
2008-06-21 Roland HäderLogout fixed
2008-06-21 Roland HäderA lot debug messages removed, mailer with stubs added...
2008-06-21 Roland Häder.htaccess added
2008-06-21 Roland HäderRe-added with access protection
2008-06-21 Roland HäderUn-needed files removed (see for detai...
2008-06-21 Roland HäderTypos fixed
2008-06-21 Roland HäderSelf-promoting page removed (play fair games, people!)
2008-06-21 Roland HäderPHPMailer v2.1 for PHP5 added
2008-06-21 Roland HäderClass/method doc-tags fixed
2008-06-21 Roland HäderToDo tags now all lower-case
2008-06-21 Roland HäderType-hints fixed, header docs fixed, exceptions deprecated
2008-06-21 Roland HäderAccount status page partly implemented, backtrace now...
2008-06-20 Roland HäderExceptions now with not so much underlines
2008-06-20 Roland HäderException messages now not so very bolded
2008-06-20 Roland HäderURL for unconfirmed accounts fixed, method call of...
2008-06-20 Roland HäderInvalid classes removed
2008-06-20 Roland HäderActions (so called sub-commands) may now have own pre...
2008-06-20 Roland HäderInterface for actions added (PerformableAction)
2008-06-20 Roland HäderMore wrong calls fixed
2008-06-20 Roland HäderMethod call on non-object fixed
2008-06-20 Roland HäderEmpty line removed which causes headers are sent
2008-06-20 Roland HäderDeug backtraces centralized
2008-06-20 Roland HäderFilters added no longer in command constructor
2008-06-20 Roland HäderDeprecated methods and exceptions removed
2008-06-20 Roland HäderA lot more old methods deprecated and already deprecate...
2008-06-20 Roland HäderSimple exception handler and error handler added, profi...
2008-06-20 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2008-06-20 Roland HäderUser profile form added
2008-06-20 Roland HäderRequest data is now generally secured
2008-06-19 Roland HäderGuests now remain guests in login area (bug fixed)
2008-06-19 Roland HäderGuest login basicly supported (not finished yet!)
2008-06-19 Roland HäderLogout procedure basicly finished, login area splitted...
2008-06-19 Roland HäderUpdate of last activitity and action in user added...
2008-06-18 Roland HäderAuth filter basicly completed, user update filter added...
2008-06-18 Roland HäderTODO tag rewritten, first login action (empty for now...
2008-06-18 Roland HäderIf you have trouble with login turn off is_single_serve...
2008-06-18 Roland HäderUser login (non-guest) basicly finished, news stubs...
2008-06-15 Roland HäderLogin failed page added
2008-06-15 Roland HäderFrom group >unknown< fixed
2008-06-15 Roland HäderLogin and auth classes added. WARNING: All class config...
2008-06-14 Roland HäderLogin command added with TODOs (unfinished)
2008-06-14 Roland HäderCookies temporary fixed
2008-06-14 Roland HäderNow really 2 hours cookie lifetime (was: 2 days)
2008-06-14 Roland HäderOpps, domain detection is wrong
2008-06-14 Roland HäderExpiration is not a timestamp!
2008-06-14 Roland HäderCookie-based login initially done
2008-06-13 Roland HäderJust a space removed
2008-06-12 Roland HäderResults are now searchable and iterateable, insertDataS...
2008-06-11 Roland HäderClass loader does now include extra configs
2008-06-11 Roland HäderDev mode deactivated
2008-06-11 Roland HäderCaching of class content and developer mode added
2008-06-11 Roland HäderTODO added
2008-06-11 Roland HäderClass loader rewritten to SPL classes
2008-06-11 Roland HäderUser class is now configurable
2008-06-11 Roland HäderVariable name fixed in User, login continued (still...
2008-06-09 Roland HäderApplication selector (demo app!) fixed
2008-06-09 Roland HäderRewrite of initInstance(), more eval() rewritten to...