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2021-12-12 Roland HäderContinued:
2020-11-15 Roland HäderContinued with chash:
2020-11-15 Roland HäderContinued with chash:
2019-03-02 Roland HäderContinued with chash:
2018-05-07 Roland HäderContinued:
2018-01-18 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-05-18 Roland HäderRewrite continued:
2017-02-28 Roland HaederContinued:
2015-05-11 Roland HaederContinued:
2015-03-21 Roland HaederCommented added switch to MHASH_SHA256 + 5-times hashin...
2015-03-13 Roland HaederFixed loading of chash.pos (wrong indexes) + added...
2014-10-27 Roland HaederAdded counter for total restarts
2014-09-26 Roland Hädermuch smaller number for nonce-incrementation
2014-09-25 Roland HaederMinor improvements
2014-07-06 Roland HaederAlso store total found hashes (much lesser than total...
2014-06-27 Roland Häder30 seconds every flush is okay.
2014-06-27 Roland HäderA bit shorter.
2014-06-27 Roland HäderLesser constants and more rewrites on algo.
2014-06-27 Roland HäderRewrites
2014-04-28 Roland HäderNot the string again.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderRound it... ;-)
2014-04-28 Roland HäderUse ZLIB compression.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderRewrote to $GLOBALS.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderAdded flushCheckPointFile().
2014-04-28 Roland HäderAdd genesis hash.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderAlso remember found hashes (and all relevant data to...
2014-04-28 Roland HäderAdded check-point file.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderMuch smaller nonce means much more to calculate + logge...
2014-04-28 Roland HäderAdd all found hashes as "block hashes".
2014-04-28 Roland HäderAlso display iterations per second.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderRemoved hashesPerBlock display + reduced blocked size...
2014-04-28 Roland HäderCorrect hash rate calculation.
2014-04-28 Roland HäderThis might be more correct calculation.
2014-04-21 Roland HaederDon't increment nonce after block was found, some other...
2014-03-31 Roland HaederTaken care of possible usage of uninitialized variable...
2014-03-29 Roland HaederAdded a lot stuff + initial "block miner".
2014-03-29 Roland HaederSome improvements to "genesis" hash.
2014-03-29 Roland HaederMerge branch 'contrib'
2014-03-29 Roland HaederMoved for merge preparation.