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2017-02-28 Roland HaederContinued:
2017-02-28 Roland HaederIntroduced namespaces:
2017-02-28 Roland Haederupdate copyright as changes will happen this year
2016-06-29 Roland HaederContinued a bit:
2016-06-29 Roland HaederContinued a bit:
2015-12-22 Roland HaederCleanup of duplicated methods ... Well, this stuff...
2015-12-14 Roland HaederMake sure 'argv' and 'argc' are there.
2015-11-13 Roland HaederContinued:
2015-10-06 Roland HaederMerge ../hub/core
2015-10-06 Roland HaederMoved more methods to a maybe not-so-good place.
2015-10-06 Roland HaederMoved more methods to a maybe not-so-good place.
2015-10-06 Roland HaederMaybe right place here? Maybe total rewrite!
2015-10-06 Roland HaederMoved some code from TcpListener and made it a bit...
2015-10-06 Roland HaederFixed message.
2015-10-04 Roland HaederMissed to call getConfigInstance() first.
2015-09-12 Roland HaederAdded config entry for configuring the IPC socket file...
2015-09-12 Roland HaederMoved from 'hub'.
2015-09-12 Roland HaederContinued:
2015-09-12 Roland HaederSetting a listener type is needed for later pooling.
2015-09-12 Roland HaederAlso this one ...
2015-09-12 Roland HaederThese methods are already in BaseListener
2015-09-12 Roland HaederOpps.
2015-09-12 Roland HaederMoved files + added interface + generic socket file...
2015-09-03 Roland HaederFixed tableName issue
2015-08-27 Roland HaederAdded new classes for file system and interfaces for...
2015-08-25 Roland HaederTypo fixed ...
2015-08-25 Roland HaederAdded missing method.
2015-08-25 Roland HaederAdded command for FUSE feature + implemented execute...
2015-08-25 Roland HaederTest class added (nothing really implemented so far).
2015-08-25 Roland HaederRenamed classes/main/ to main/classes/ + added FuseFeat...