2014-02-09 Roland HaederLittle resorting of public methods: all variable-relate...
2014-02-09 Roland HaederMoved regex to variable.
2014-02-09 Roland HaederConverted more double-quotes to single. This causes...
2014-02-07 Roland HaederCache of database "queries" can now be disabled (defaul...
2014-02-05 Roland HaederMade NullCryptoStream compatible again wit implemented...
2014-02-04 Roland HaederAnd same thing here. As you can see it is very easy...
2014-02-04 Roland HaederRenamed to DatabaseBackend to get rid of word 'Interfac...
2014-02-04 Roland HäderAlso get rid of this.
2014-02-04 Roland HäderNo longer needed as this was required by SVN.
2013-10-19 Roland HäderCopyright year updated, converted double->single quotes
2013-10-19 Roland HäderAdded assert() + commented in debug lines
2013-07-30 Roland HäderUpdated domain without a dash :(
2013-07-25 Roland HäderRenamed 'stacker' -> 'stack'
2013-07-25 Roland HäderOpps, was to warm here :(
2013-07-25 Roland HäderReplaced more double-quotes to single, exposed in...
2013-07-19 Roland HäderUsed valid() instead of next()
2013-07-18 Roland HäderChanged all true/false to TRUE/FALSE respectively as...
2013-07-18 Roland HäderBetter check for PHP version in setMagicQuotesRuntime...
2013-07-17 Roland HäderIntroduced initStackers() which wraps initialization...
2013-07-04 Roland HäderRenamed endElement() to finishElement(), see the final...
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed (again) some more generic array handling
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed more generic array handling #2
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed more generic array handling, introduced unsetGene...
2013-06-28 Roland HäderAdded option parameter 'forceInit'
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed handling of newly introduced generic array
2013-06-23 Roland HäderFixed more methods, value from shiftGenericArrayElement...
2013-06-23 Roland HäderIntroduced isValidGenericArrayKey()
2013-06-23 Roland HäderFix for wrong method call
2013-06-23 Roland HäderPatches for making new generic array working
2013-06-23 Roland HäderFixes and double->single converted
2013-05-31 Roland HäderMade lower to upper case:
2013-05-04 Roland HäderSame as before
2013-05-04 Roland HäderFixed missing array
2013-03-03 Roland HäderUse array_push() instead of []
2013-02-25 Roland HäderAdded line number to debug lines as this will become...
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :( #3
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-22 Roland HäderIntroduced unsetCriteria()
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-22 Roland HäderUpdated core:
2013-02-22 Roland HäderAdded interface IoHandler
2013-02-22 Roland HäderFixed handling of cache keys as empty results caused...
2013-02-22 Roland HäderFixed searched criteria handling #3
2013-02-22 Roland HäderAnother fix attempt for search criteria
2013-02-22 Roland HäderFixed search criteria handling, added more asserts...
2013-02-22 Roland HäderRemoved die()
2013-02-22 Roland HäderFixed criteria handling
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-22 Roland HäderTried to write an hostname extraction methods tries...
2013-02-22 Roland HäderIgnore local config
2013-02-18 Roland HäderMake it public now :(
2013-02-18 Roland HäderThis seems to fit most cases
2013-02-18 Roland HäderUse this?
2013-02-18 Roland HäderFixed variable group handling by unsetting right index
2013-02-13 Roland HäderUsed self::createDebugInstance(__CLASS__)->debugOutput...
2013-02-13 Roland HäderRewrote search criteria matching:
2013-02-13 Roland HäderUpdate queries can now also be unlimited (limited in...
2013-02-13 Roland HäderAdded 2 more methods
2013-02-13 Roland HäderAdded assert, all arrays are empty initialized now
2013-02-13 Roland HäderDebug out for whole array
2013-02-13 Roland HäderAlso this was double
2013-02-13 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-12 Roland HäderAdded methods for 'choice' and 'exclude' criteria
2013-02-09 Roland HäderRewrote the static call to dynamic
2013-02-08 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-08 Roland HäderAdded optional $requestInstance parameter
2013-02-08 Roland HäderAdded interface AddableCriteria
2013-02-07 Roland HäderUse PHP_EOL instead of chr(10)
2013-02-07 Roland HäderUse interface DatabaseWrapper instead of generic class...
2013-02-07 Roland HäderAdded public methods from BaseDatabaseWrapper
2013-02-07 Roland HäderNow with wrapper :(
2013-02-07 Roland HäderAdded generic wrapper (next commit)
2013-02-07 Roland HäderUse 'self' here
2013-02-04 Roland HäderAdded DHT instance (Distributable interface)
2013-01-31 Roland HäderAdded example local configuration file
2013-01-31 Roland HäderBetter this way
2013-01-31 Roland HäderRewrites to use config entry 'hostname_file' to allow...
2012-11-29 Roland HäderMinor: Comments improved
2012-11-29 Roland HäderCheck against interface Compressor, not for methods
2012-09-25 Roland HäderBetter comments
2012-09-20 Roland HäderGenerating the FQFN (full-qualified file name) may...
2012-09-18 Roland HäderCore continued:
2012-09-17 Roland HäderAdded better description, as the mind map in 'contrib...
2012-09-02 Roland HäderMINOR: Missing empty line
2012-09-02 Roland HäderNow use 'instanceof' keyword instead of checking for...
2012-08-27 Roland HäderRewrote all TODO lines, 'hooks.php' is now fully deprec...
2012-08-26 Roland HäderRewrites
2012-08-26 Roland HäderMoved constants to generic class for later database...
2012-08-22 Roland HädergetArrayFromKey() now requires two parameters (see...
2012-08-19 Roland HäderMinor: Improved comments
2012-08-17 Roland Häder:( Had forgotten to comment it out ...
2012-08-17 Roland HäderAdded debug message, commented one out
2012-08-17 Roland HäderMoved back to 'hub' project
2012-08-17 Roland HäderMinor fixes
2012-08-08 Roland HäderNo HTML in exceptions
2012-08-07 Roland HäderMoved generic base classes from 'hub' project to core
2012-08-07 Roland HäderAdded exceptions for BAS64-encoded data
2012-08-07 Roland HäderUsed exit() (also app_die()->app_exit()) because die...
2012-08-05 Roland HäderReverted last commit, better use filter pattern?!
2012-08-05 Roland HäderRewrote both interfaces to implement streamNetworkData()