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2017-07-18 Roland Häderproject name set master
2017-07-18 Roland Häderupdated (c)
2017-07-18 Roland HäderIt is okay to have this NetBeans project around + ignor...
2016-09-23 Roland HäderMantisBT need these being white-listed.
2016-08-31 Roland HäderMust be id to have NULL counted, too.
2016-08-31 Roland HäderAdded view for request methods
2016-08-30 Roland HäderAdded "detection" of open_basedir and php:// protocol:
2016-08-22 Roland HäderFixed parser error
2016-08-22 Roland HäderSorted a bit + removed '.js' as this was to much and...
2016-08-10 Roland HäderSome fixes:
2016-08-05 Roland HäderAlso block request methods such as CONNECT as they...
2016-07-28 Roland HäderAlso __CALLBACKPARAM needs blocking
2016-07-28 Roland HäderChecking against GET parameters is for the user-agent...
2016-07-28 Roland HäderOnly for testing purposes the string is being sanitized...
2016-07-28 Roland HäderUpdated database
2016-07-28 Roland HäderRenaming season has started:
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