Added really lame script to update copyright year.
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2014-02-03 Roland 'Quix0r'... Merge branch 'contrib'
2013-02-07 Roland HäderRewrites, some more methods:
2013-01-31 Roland HäderRemove deprecated directory (it will be replaced by...
2011-08-31 Roland HäderHub project continued:
2011-03-31 Roland HäderGeneration of test units and keys continued:
2011-03-29 Roland HäderAdded parameter 'key' to encryption methods to allow...
2010-05-28 Roland HäderAdded peer states and lookup table classes/interfaces:
2009-08-05 Roland HäderIterator continued (not fully implemented), iteration...
2009-07-19 Roland HäderFilters/commands added, missing config entries added
2009-03-25 Roland HäderHub-Id creation basicly finished
2008-06-11 Roland HäderMoved classes removed... ;)
2008-03-03 Roland Hädersome comments fixed, small fix for windows OSes and...