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2015-12-22 Roland HaederYepp, the 2nd check was double + re-aranged the log...
2015-12-22 Roland HaederIn case of non-blocking connections (and that is for...
2015-12-22 Roland HaederAdded more logging.
2015-12-22 Roland HaederRemoval of socket added.
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2015-12-14 Roland HaederWrong message, hub reward is not done through UUID.
2015-11-19 Roland HaederCommented in a needed debug line
2015-11-13 Roland HaederContinued a bit:
2015-10-30 Roland HaederUpdated 'core'.
2015-10-06 Roland HaederContinued a bit:
2015-10-06 Roland HaederMoved some code to BaseListener and called it + updated...
2015-10-04 Roland HaederUpdated 'core'.
2015-09-12 Roland HaederAdded config entry for IPC socket file name.
2015-09-12 Roland HaederMoved to 'core'.
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