Renamed templates + added some filters for mail order
[mailer.git] / DOCS / TODOs.txt
1 ### WARNING: THIS FILE IS AUTO-GENERATED BY ../../contrib/ (uid=1000/user=quix0r) ###
3 ./api.php:68:// @TODO Do stuff here
4 ./autoreg.php:62:// @TODO Add processing of request here
5 ./beg.php:173:                  // @TODO Opps, what is missing here???
6 ./cron.php:62:// @TODO Do stuff here
7 ./inc/classes/cachesystem.class.php:516:        // @TODO Add support for more types which break in last else-block
8 ./inc/config-functions.php:151: // @TODO Make this all better... :-/
9 ./inc/config-functions.php:329:                                 // @TODO Call setConfigEntry() somehow
10 ./inc/config-functions.php:359:         // @TODO Call setConfigEntry() somehow
11 ./inc/daily/daily_beg.php:52:// @TODO This should be converted in a daily beg rallye
12 ./inc/daily/daily_birthday.php:63:// @TODO Move this out to an extension
13 ./inc/email-functions.php:113: * @TODO Rewrite this to an extension 'smtp'
14 ./inc/email-functions.php:209:// @TODO $rawUserId is currently unused
15 ./inc/expression-functions.php:173:// @TODO FILTER_COMPILE_CONFIG does not handle call-back functions so we handle it here again
16 ./inc/expression-functions.php:46:      // @TODO is escapeQuotes() enough for strings with single/double quotes?
17 ./inc/extensions-functions.php:2239:                    // @TODO Is this really neccessary?
18 ./inc/extensions-functions.php:2296:// @TODO This should be rewrittten to allow, more development states, e.g. 'planing','alpha','beta','beta2','stable'
19 ./inc/extensions-functions.php:439:     // @TODO This redirect is still needed to register sql_patches! Please try to avoid it
20 ./inc/extensions-functions.php:455:// @TODO Change from ext_id to ext_name (not just even the variable! ;-) )
21 ./inc/extensions-functions.php:595:             // @TODO Extension is loaded, what next?
22 ./inc/extensions/admins/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
23 ./inc/extensions/autopurge/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
24 ./inc/extensions/beg/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
25 ./inc/extensions/bonus/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
26 ./inc/extensions/doubler/mode-setup.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
27 ./inc/extensions/doubler/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
28 ./inc/extensions/ext-html_mail.php:91:          // @TODO Move these arrays into config
29 ./inc/extensions/ext-menu.php:52:               // @TODO Convert menu-Id to one coding-standard. admin(edit|_add) => admin_menu_(edit|add), mem(edit|_add) => (edit|add)_(admin|guest|member)_menu
30 ./inc/extensions/ext-newsletter.php:218:                // @TODO Move these into configuration
31 ./inc/extensions/ext-nickname.php:52:           // @TODO NOT NULL DEFAULT '' is bad practice, use NULL
32 ./inc/extensions/ext-ranking.php:18: * @TODO Replaces ext-top10                                             *
33 ./inc/extensions/ext-rewrite.php:50:// @TODO Only when 'seo' is ready: setExtensionDeprecated('Y');
34 ./inc/extensions/ext-top10.php:50:// @TODO Only deprecated when 'ext-ranking' is ready: setExtensionDeprecated('Y');
35 ./inc/extensions/ext-yoomedia.php:120:          // @TODO Can this be moved into a database table?
36 ./inc/extensions/ext-yoomedia.php:54:// @TODO Only deprecated when 'ext-network' is ready: setExtensionDeprecated('Y');
37 ./inc/extensions/forced/mode-setup.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
38 ./inc/extensions/html_mail/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
39 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:18: * @TODO ADCocktail: All request parameters, BIDausKAS, WIDausKAS???    *
40 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:19: * @TODO ADCocktail: Zero array element is return code!                 *
41 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:20: * @TODO Textlink-View is a JavaScript URL                   *
42 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:21: * @TODO ADkracher: Textlink-View is a JavaScript URL                   *
43 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:22: * @TODO highforcedbanner, traffic from abroad               *
44 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:23: * @TODO Ads-AbisZ: HighForced banner, mini layer                       *
45 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:24: * @TODO Ads-Im-Netz: All APIs provide URLs/JavaScripts                 *
46 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:25: * @TODO Ads4Clicks: Some has JavaScript as output code, high forced    *
47 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:26: * @TODO Affiliblatt: Layer requires script in head                     *
48 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:27: * @TODO Affiliblatt: Textlinks, popup, popunder, HTML mail, lead       *
49 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:28: * @TODO AllAds4You: Traffic from abroad, High-Forced banner            *
50 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:29: * @TODO Earn4Webbis: HighForced banner, page peel, mini layer          *
51 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:30: * @TODO FuCoExSponsor: Textlink-View is JavaScript!                    *
52 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:31: * @TODO Fusion-Ads: Has click/banner URL in API response               *
53 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:32: * @TODO Requires ID card copy/business reg.             *
54 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:33: * @TODO GolloX: Please add full support                                *
55 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:34: * @TODO LoseAds: HighForced banner, mini layer, all premium            *
56 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:35: * @TODO Paid4Ad: HighForced banner, mini layer                         *
57 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:36: * @TODO Sponsor-Box: HighForced banner, leader board, mini layer       *
58 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:37: * @TODO Paid-4-Webmaster: leader board, mini layer                     *
59 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:38: * @TODO Vario-Ads: HighForced banner, mini layer                       *
60 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:39: * @TODO SuperPromo24: HighForced banner, leader board, mini/page layer *
61 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:40: * @TODO SuperPromo24: Textlink view is a JavaScript                    *
62 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:41: * @TODO Der Banner click/view is JavaScript!          *
63 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:42: * @TODO Der Forced textlink not correct               *
64 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:43: * @TODO Der Layer not correct                         *
65 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:44: * @TODO Der Sky banner is JavaScript!                 *
66 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:45: * @TODO Der Surfbar click not correct                 *
67 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:46: * @TODO Der Textlink not correct                      *
68 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:47: * @TODO Xijide: Lead/Sale (together) unsupported (no target URL)       *
69 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:48: * @TODO Yoo!Media: What is LayerAd compared to Layer click?            *
70 ./inc/extensions/network/mode-setup.php:94:// @TODO network_type_handler is an internal name and needs documentation
71 ./inc/extensions/order/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double-tab from all lines
72 ./inc/extensions/other/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
73 ./inc/extensions/payout/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
74 ./inc/extensions/rallye/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
75 ./inc/extensions/register/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
76 ./inc/extensions/sponsor/mode-setup.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
77 ./inc/extensions/sql_patches/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
78 ./inc/extensions/surfbar/mode-setup.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
79 ./inc/extensions/task/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
80 ./inc/extensions/transfer/mode-setup.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
81 ./inc/extensions/transfer/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
82 ./inc/extensions/user/mode-update.php:43:// @TODO Remove double tabs from all lines
83 ./inc/filter-functions.php:120: // @TODO Remove this forced removal after a year or so
84 ./inc/filter/blacklist_filter.php:105:  // @TODO Insert log entry
85 ./inc/filter/blacklist_filter.php:116:  // @TODO Insert log entry
86 ./inc/filter/blacklist_filter.php:127:  // @TODO Insert log entry
87 ./inc/filter/bonus_filter.php:56:               // @TODO This query isn't right, it will only update if the user was for a longer time away!
88 ./inc/filter/forced_filter.php:75:              // @TODO This part is unfinished
89 ./inc/filter/order_filter.php:132:              // @TODO 200 is hard-coded here, swap it out to config + admin_config_order.tpl
90 ./inc/filters.php:1394:         // @TODO No banner found, output some default banner
91 ./inc/functions.php:1210:                       // @TODO Are these convertions still required?
92 ./inc/functions.php:1231:// @TODO Rewrite this function to use readFromFile() and writeToFile()
93 ./inc/functions.php:1535:               // @TODO This should be rewritten not to load the cache file for just checking if it is there for save removal.
94 ./inc/functions.php:1911:       // @TODO Find a way to cache this
95 ./inc/functions.php:2015:       // @TODO This is still very static, rewrite it somehow
96 ./inc/functions.php:2219:       // @TODO Rename column data_type to e.g. mail_status
97 ./inc/functions.php:2569:// @TODO cacheFiles is not yet supported
98 ./inc/gen_sql_patches.php:97:// @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
99 ./inc/header.php:66:// @TODO Find a way to not use direct module comparison
100 ./inc/install-functions.php:107:        // @TODO DEACTIVATED: changeDataInLocalConfigurationFile('OUTPUT-MODE', "setConfigEntry('OUTPUT_MODE', '", "');", postRequestElement('omode'), 0);
101 ./inc/install-functions.php:456:        // @TODO Comparing with DEFAULT_MAIN_TITLE doesn't work
102 ./inc/language-functions.php:254:       // @TODO These are all valid languages, again hard-coded
103 ./inc/language/de.php:1150:     // @TODO Rewrite these two constants
104 ./inc/language/de.php:1166:     // @TODO Rewrite these three constants
105 ./inc/language/de.php:46:       // @TODO Please sort these language elements
106 ./inc/language/install_de.php:153:      // @TODO Move this to e.g. ext-smtp
107 ./inc/language/newsletter_de.php:13: * @TODO This language file is completely out-dated, please do no       *
108 ./inc/language/order_de.php:71: // @TODO Find better text
109 ./inc/language/rallye_de.php:13: * @TODO Naming convention not applied for language strings             *
110 ./inc/language/refback_de.php:51:       // @TODO Rewrite these constants to one
111 ./inc/libs/admins_functions.php:537:            // @TODO This can be, somehow, rewritten
112 ./inc/libs/bonus_functions.php:115:     // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
113 ./inc/libs/bonus_functions.php:201:             // @TODO Move this HTML to a template
114 ./inc/libs/doubler_functions.php:130:// @TODO This could be rewritten to a filter
115 ./inc/libs/doubler_functions.php:44:// @TODO Lame description
116 ./inc/libs/doubler_functions.php:96:                    // @TODO Can't this be moved into EL?
117 ./inc/libs/forced_functions.php:458:// @TODO Can't we use our new expression language instead of this ugly code?
118 ./inc/libs/mailid_functions.php:123:    // @TODO Rewrite these blocks to filter
119 ./inc/libs/mailid_functions.php:47:             // @TODO Rewrite this to a dynamic include or so
120 ./inc/libs/mailid_functions.php:93:     // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
121 ./inc/libs/network_functions.php:1111:  // @TODO Implement this function, don't forget to set HTTP status back to '200 OK' if everything went fine
122 ./inc/libs/network_functions.php:1117:  // @TODO Implement this function, don't forget to set HTTP status back to '200 OK' if everything went fine
123 ./inc/libs/network_functions.php:680:                           // @TODO Unfinished: } elseif ((!empty($addSql)) && (
124 ./inc/libs/order_functions.php:46:      // @TODO Move this array into a filter
125 ./inc/libs/rallye_functions.php:771:// @TODO This function does not load min_users, min_prices, please encapsulate loading rallye data with e.g. getRallyeDataFromId()
126 ./inc/libs/rallye_functions.php:838:    $EXPIRE = 3; // @TODO The hard-coded value...
127 ./inc/libs/rallye_functions.php:927:// @TODO Please document this function
128 ./inc/libs/rallye_functions.php:983:            // Load count @TODO Can't we rewrite this to our API?
129 ./inc/libs/sponsor_functions.php:163:                                   // @TODO Rewrite this to API function
130 ./inc/libs/sponsor_functions.php:436:                   // @TODO Rewrite this to API function
131 ./inc/libs/surfbar_functions.php:1695:          // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten
132 ./inc/libs/surfbar_functions.php:479:           // @TODO if (($urlData['url_views_allowed'] != $urlData['edit']['limit']) || ($url1 != $url2)) {
133 ./inc/libs/surfbar_functions.php:790:// @TODO Can't we use our new expression language instead of this ugly code?
134 ./inc/libs/task_functions.php:51:// @TODO Move all extension-dependent queries into filters
135 ./inc/libs/theme_functions.php:96:      // @TODO Can't this be rewritten to an API function?
136 ./inc/libs/user_functions.php:325:                      // @TODO Make this filter working: $ADDON = runFilterChain('post_login_update', $content);
137 ./inc/libs/user_functions.php:354:                      // @TODO Make this filter working: $url = runFilterChain('do_login', array('content' => $content, 'addon' => $ADDON));
138 ./inc/libs/yoomedia_functions.php:108:  $response = YOOMEDIA_QUERY_API('out_textmail.php', TRUE); // @TODO Ask Yoo!Media for test script
139 ./inc/load_config.php:75:       // @TODO Rewrite them to avoid this else block
140 ./inc/loader/load-extension.php:13: * @TODO Rewrite this whole file                                        *
141 ./inc/mails/doubler_mails.php:53:// @TODO Can this be rewritten to a filter?
142 ./inc/module-functions.php:273:                 // @TODO Nothing helped???
143 ./inc/module-functions.php:314:                 // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
144 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:1058:// @TODO rawUserId/content is not yet supported
145 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:1083:// @TODO rawUserId/cacheFiles/content is not yet supported
146 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:178:          // @TODO This and the next getCurrentAdminId() call might be moved into the templates?
147 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:251:          // @TODO This can be rewritten into a filter
148 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:536:// @TODO Try to rewrite this to adminAddMenuSelectionBox()
149 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:883:// @TODO cacheFiles is not yet supported
150 ./inc/modules/admin/overview-inc.php:176:                               // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
151 ./inc/modules/admin/overview-inc.php:285:                               // @TODO Rewrite this to something with include files and/or filter
152 ./inc/modules/admin/overview-inc.php:319:                                               // @TODO This may also be rewritten to include files
153 ./inc/modules/admin/overview-inc.php:321:                                                       default: // @TODO Unknown support mode
154 ./inc/modules/admin/overview-inc.php:436:                       // @TODO Try to move this in includes
155 ./inc/modules/admin/overview-inc.php:43:// @TODO This function does also check for uncompleted tasks
156 ./inc/modules/admin/what-add_guestnl_cat.php:47:        // @TODO Check if category does already exist
157 ./inc/modules/admin/what-admin_add.php:120:                             // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten to a function
158 ./inc/modules/admin/what-admin_add.php:61:              // @TODO Cant this be rewritten?
159 ./inc/modules/admin/what-admin_add.php:77:              // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten to a function
160 ./inc/modules/admin/what-adminedit.php:56:      // @TODO Kill all constants in this file
161 ./inc/modules/admin/what-admins_mails.php:58:                           // @TODO Can this be rewritten to an API function?
162 ./inc/modules/admin/what-bonus.php:46:// @TODO Unused at the moment
163 ./inc/modules/admin/what-config_points.php:90:                          // @TODO Rewrite these two lines for new user_points columns (e.g. locked_order_points) with a filter
164 ./inc/modules/admin/what-config_register.php:79:        // @TODO Move this HTML code into a template
165 ./inc/modules/admin/what-del_email.php:51:      // @TODO Unused: cat_id
166 ./inc/modules/admin/what-edit_user.php:18: * @TODO Add support for ext-country                                    *
167 ./inc/modules/admin/what-email_stats.php:46:// @TODO Unused at the moment
168 ./inc/modules/admin/what-extensions.php:366:                                            // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
169 ./inc/modules/admin/what-guest_add.php:129:                             // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten to a function
170 ./inc/modules/admin/what-guest_add.php:67:              // @TODO Cant this be rewritten?
171 ./inc/modules/admin/what-guest_add.php:80:              // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten to a function
172 ./inc/modules/admin/what-holiday_list.php:46:// @TODO Unused at the moment
173 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_admins_acls.php:126:      // @TODO Rewrite this to filter 'run_sqls'
174 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_bonus.php:136:            // @TODO Can't this be moved into our expression language?
175 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_links.php:96:                                     // @TODO Rewrite this to includes/filter
176 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_mods.php:55:                      // @TODO This can be moved into mysql-function.php, see checkModulePermissions() function
177 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_rallye_prices.php:222:                    // @TODO Rewrite these two constants
178 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_refs.php:101:                                                     // @TODO Try to rewrite some to EL
179 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_unconfirmed.php:115:      // @TODO "Please do not call me directly." Should be rewritten to a nice selection depending on ext-bonus
180 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_user.php:104:             // @TODO Refacture these old link generation to functions
181 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_user.php:121:             // @TODO Refacture birth_foo to avoid uni* timetstamps as older members cannot be greeded correctly
182 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_user.php:288:             // @TODO Rewrite this into a filter
183 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_user.php:350:                     // @TODO Rewrite this into a filter
184 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_user_cats.php:54:         // @TODO No longer needed? define('__CATEGORIES_BASE'   , '<a href="{%url=modules.php?module=admin&amp;userid=');
185 ./inc/modules/admin/what-list_user_cats.php:68:                         // @TODO Rewrite this to countSum.....() function
186 ./inc/modules/admin/what-logs.php:64:                   // @TODO Fix content-type here
187 ./inc/modules/admin/what-logs.php:70:                   // @TODO Fix content-type here
188 ./inc/modules/admin/what-mem_add.php:124:                               // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten to a function
189 ./inc/modules/admin/what-mem_add.php:63:                // @TODO Cant this be rewritten?
190 ./inc/modules/admin/what-mem_add.php:79:                // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten to a function
191 ./inc/modules/admin/what-unlock_emails.php:78:                                  // @TODO Rewrite these if-blocks to a filter
192 ./inc/modules/admin/what-usage.php:89:  // @TODO This code is double, see loadTemplate() and loadEmailTemplate() in functions.php
193 ./inc/modules/admin/what-usr_online.php:49:     // @TODO Add a filter for sponsor
194 ./inc/modules/frametester.php:91:       // @TODO Rewrite this somehow
195 ./inc/modules/guest/what-beg.php:51:// @TODO No more needed? define('__BEG_USERID_TIMEOUT', createFancyTime(getBegUseridTimeout()));
196 ./inc/modules/guest/what-mediadata.php:183:// @TODO Rewrite all these if-blocks to filters
197 ./inc/modules/guest/what-mediadata.php:67:      // @TODO Find a better formular than this one
198 ./inc/modules/guest/what-rallyes.php:99:        // @TODO Reactivate this: $content['admin'] = '<a href="{%url=modules.php?module=index&amp;what=impressum&amp;id=' . $content['admin_id'] . '%}">' . $content['login'] . '</a>';
199 ./inc/modules/guest/what-sponsor_reg.php:293:                   // @TODO Maybe a default referral id?
200 ./inc/modules/guest/what-stats.php:111:         // @TODO This can be somehow rewritten
201 ./inc/modules/guest/what-stats.php:120:                 // @TODO This doesn't exclude tester accounts
202 ./inc/modules/guest/what-stats.php:83:// @TODO This can be rewritten in a dynamic include
203 ./inc/modules/member/what-beg.php:54:// @TODO Can't this be moved into EL?
204 ./inc/modules/member/what-beg.php:63:// @TODO No more needed? define('__BEG_USERID_TIMEOUT', createFancyTime(getBegUseridTimeout()));
205 ./inc/modules/member/what-logout.php:17: * @TODO Rewrite the code to a filter                                   *
206 ./inc/modules/member/what-logout.php:52:        // @TODO Move this in a filter, e.g. member_logout
207 ./inc/modules/member/what-mydata.php:82:                // @TODO Move this to a function (for better EL code)
208 ./inc/modules/member/what-order.php:300:                        // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
209 ./inc/modules/member/what-order.php:72: // @TODO Try to move out url_tlock to a filter for extra SQL statements
210 ./inc/modules/member/what-payout.php:223:                                       // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
211 ./inc/modules/member/what-points.php:61:// @TODO Should we rewrite this to a filter?
212 ./inc/modules/member/what-rallyes.php:99:       // @TODO Reactivate this: $content['admin'] = '<a href="{%url=modules.php?module=index&amp;what=impressum&amp;id=' . $content['admin_id'] . '%}">' . $content['login'] . '</a>';
213 ./inc/modules/member/what-reflinks.php:52:// @TODO Move this into a filter
214 ./inc/modules/member/what-transaction_fees.php:210:// @TODO Make this working
215 ./inc/modules/member/what-transfer.php:128:                             // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
216 ./inc/modules/member/what-unconfirmed.php:124:  // @TODO This call cannot be saved as EL code cannot be "framed" in other EL code
217 ./inc/modules/member/what-unconfirmed.php:168:  // @TODO Try to rewrite this to $content = SQL_FETCHARRAY()
218 ./inc/modules/member/what-unconfirmed.php:235:                  // @TODO cat_id is unused
219 ./inc/modules/member/what-unconfirmed.php:238:                          // @TODO This 'userid' cannot be saved because of encapsulated EL code
220 ./inc/modules/order.php:71:             // @TODO Unused: timestamp
221 ./inc/monthly/monthly_beg.php:58:       // @TODO Rewrite these if() blocks to a filter
222 ./inc/monthly/monthly_bonus.php:57:     // @TODO Rewrite these if() blocks to a filter
223 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:1511:           // @TODO Rewrite these lines to a filter
224 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:1535:   // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
225 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:1851:                   // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
226 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:2019:                           // @TODO If we can rewrite the EL sub-system to support more than one parameter, this call_user_func_array() can be avoided
227 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:2151:                   // @TODO Used generic 'userid' here
228 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:2369:// @TODO cacheFiles is not yet supported
229 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:408:    // @TODO Try to rewrite this to one or more functions
230 ./inc/mysql-manager.php:44:// @TODO Can we cache this?
231 ./inc/pool-functions.php:44:// @TODO "Hook" ext-html_mail into this to allow column `html_msg`
232 ./inc/revision-functions.php:168:// @TODO This function does also set and get in 'cache_array'
233 ./inc/template-functions.php:1052:                              // @TODO <label for="' . $prefix . '_' . $field . '"></<label> not working here
234 ./inc/template-functions.php:1107:                      // @TODO Deprecate this thing
235 ./inc/template-functions.php:1118:                      // @TODO Deprecate this thing
236 ./inc/template-functions.php:1240:      // @TODO This can be easily moved out after the merge from EL branch to this is complete
237 ./inc/template-functions.php:1295:              // @TODO Add a little more infos here
238 ./inc/template-functions.php:1694:// @TODO Lame description for this function
239 ./inc/template-functions.php:1716:                      // @TODO Move this in a filter
240 ./inc/template-functions.php:209:        * @TODO On some pages this is buggy
241 ./inc/template-functions.php:298:       // @TODO Remove these sanity checks if all is fine
242 ./inc/template-functions.php:751:                       // @TODO $userid is deprecated and should be removed from loadEmailTemplate() and replaced with $content[userid] in all templates
243 ./inc/wrapper-functions.php:3286:       // @TODO Find a way to not use direct module comparison
244 ./inc/wrapper-functions.php:583:// @TODO Do some more sanity check here
245 ./inc/xml-functions.php:240:    // @TODO Handle characters
246 ./mailid.php:123:               // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter/function
247 ./mailid.php:160:                                       // @TODO Rewrite this to a filter
248 ./mailid.php:81:// @TODO Improve check on $data['type'], empty() is not very much ...
249 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_add_country.tpl:24:                     <!-- @TODO Rewrite this selection box to our generic functions //-->
250 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_config_other.tpl:79:                    <!-- @TODO Rewrite this selection to one of our functions //-->
251 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_config_rewrite.tpl:4:   <!-- @TODO No title here? //-->
252 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_edit_admin_menu.tpl:4:<!-- @TODO Shouldn't we add a title here? //-->
253 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_list_refs_level.tpl:21:         <!-- @TODO Nothing to say here? //-->
254 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_list_unconfirmed_list.tpl:3:<!-- @TODO Shouldn't we add a title here? //-->
255 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_login_form.tpl:34:      @TODO Doesn't work with sessions
256 ./templates/de/html/admin/admin_login_form.tpl:37:              @TODO Try to move the select box to our generic functions
257 ./templates/de/html/ext/ext_transaction.tpl:2:  @TODO Transaktionen ...
258 ./templates/de/html/guest/guest_login.tpl:21:   @TODO Deactivated feature, try to implement it or remove it.
259 ./templates/de/html/guest/guest_nickname_login.tpl:21:  @TODO Deactivated feature, try to find a solution for this or remove it.
260 ./templates/de/html/guest/guest_stats_member.tpl:21:    @TODO We have to fix these counters.
261 ./templates/de/html/member/member_list_unconfirmed_nopoints.tpl:20:             <!-- @TODO Nothing to say here? //-->
262 ./templates/de/html/surfbar/surfbar_frame_textlinks.tpl:5:              <!-- @TODO These are static lines and should be replaced by a filter (see ext-network/ext-sponsor) //-->
263 ./templates/de/html/surfbar/surfbar_frameset.tpl:4:     // @TODO This redirect kills our own frameset
264 ./js/admin-network-query-api.js:72:// @TODO Add support for checkboxes
265 ./js/admin-network-query-api.js:73:// @TODO Make progress window working
266 ./js/ajax-common.js:250:                                // @TODO Need this be secured?
267 ./js/ajax-common.js:288:                                // @TODO Need this be secured?
268 ./js/install-common.js:116:     // @TODO Progress bar is out-of-order: + '<div id="progressbar"></div>'
269 ./.htaccess:10: # @TODO When ext-imprint is finished RewriteRule ^modules.php?module=index&what=impressum$ modules.php?module=index&what=imprint [L]
270 ./.htaccess:11: # @TODO When ext-terms is finished RewriteRule ^cms/index/wht/agb$                 modules.php?module=index&what=terms [L]
271 ./.htaccess:12: # @TODO When ext-terms is finished RewriteRule ^modules.php?module=index&what=agb$ modules.php?module=index&what=terms [L]
272 ./.htaccess:13: # @TODO When ext-terms is finished RewriteRule ^agb.php$ modules.php?module=index&what=terms [L]
273 ./.htaccess:9:  # @TODO When ext-imprint is finished RewriteRule ^cms/index/wht/impressum$                 modules.php?module=index&what=imprint [L]
274 ### ### DEPRECATION FOLLOWS: ### ###
275 ./inc/modules/admin/admin-inc.php:537:// @DEPRECATED
276 ./templates/de/emails/admin/admin_support-ordr.tpl:1:@DEPRECATED
277 ./templates/de/emails/admin/admin_support-reflink.tpl:1:@DEPRECATED
278 ./templates/de/emails/admin/admin_support-unconfirmed.tpl:1:@DEPRECATED
279 ./templates/de/emails/member/member_support-ordr.tpl:1:@DEPRECATED
280 ./templates/de/emails/member/member_support-reflink.tpl:1:@DEPRECATED
281 ./templates/de/emails/member/member_support-unconfirmed.tpl:1:@DEPRECATED