Renamed ifSqlHasZeroNums() to ifSqlHasZeroNumRows() and improved some queries.
[mailer.git] / inc / functions.php
2016-03-28 Roland HaederIntroduced detectServerProtocol() to fully support...
2015-05-19 Roland HaederGet rid of PHP_SELF (still some are left).
2015-04-04 Roland HaederAdded encryption stuff + rewrote sendWernisApiRequest...
2015-04-03 Roland HaederAdded (still not fully flexible) and...
2015-04-03 Roland Haederdl() is not always available in all supported PHP versi...
2014-04-18 Roland HaederSome fixes for password scrambling.
2014-04-17 Roland HaederMore stuff for mysql3->mysql switch.
2014-04-06 Roland HaederContinued with ext-wernis:
2014-02-03 Roland HaederMerge branch 'contrib' into 0.2.1-FINAL
2013-10-07 Roland HäderFixed handling of SQL strings
2013-09-01 Roland HäderRewrote 2 str_replace() calls to one with array()
2013-08-05 Roland HäderSome cleanups/improvements
2013-07-29 Roland HäderRewrote some parts:
2013-07-29 Roland HäderSome fixes:
2013-06-04 Roland HäderProject continued:
2013-06-01 Roland HäderSome fixes:
2013-05-31 Roland HäderRemoved 2nd parameter for assert() as this is only...
2013-05-30 Roland HäderFixes + asserts
2013-05-27 Roland HäderHeacy rewrite/cleanup:
2013-05-04 Roland HäderSince Wernis API 0.6-BETA SHA256 is the default now
2013-04-24 Roland HäderExclude directories now
2013-04-24 Roland HäderFixes
2013-04-24 Roland HäderAllow to find files where file extension is not important
2013-04-23 Roland HäderAdded optional withPrefixSuffix parameter (sorry for...
2013-03-06 Roland HäderRenamed more:
2013-03-06 Roland HäderRenamed all SQL-related functions to camel-case notation
2013-02-01 Roland HäderFurther fixes for all resets
2013-01-24 Roland HäderUpdated copyright notice as there are changes in this...
2013-01-23 Roland HäderUse rebuildCache() instead of loadCacheFile()/removeCac...
2013-01-23 Roland HäderRenamed function, used more "pool functions":
2013-01-22 Roland HäderRewrote reset and some extensions:
2013-01-20 Roland HäderRewrote email if tasks has been purged
2013-01-17 Roland HäderAlso had to fix this to make 'month, numeric' selection...
2013-01-10 Roland HäderTheoretical working merge of mailid.php and mailid_top...
2013-01-09 Roland HäderIntroduced padLeftZero()
2013-01-06 Roland HäderMailer project rwritten:
2012-12-30 Roland HäderSome improvements:
2012-12-27 Roland HäderMore fixes for new installer and script in general :(
2012-11-28 Roland HäderSwapped out more HTML to templates (see ticket #68)
2012-11-25 Roland HäderNew function getMenuModeFromModule() introduced:
2012-11-25 Roland HäderSome improvements:
2012-11-25 Roland HäderMore HTML/EL code fixes, removed assertition as it...
2012-11-24 Roland HäderAdmin area 'Referral levels' refactured:
2012-11-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-surfbar continued:
2012-11-10 Roland HäderEven more fixes/improvements:
2012-11-10 Roland HäderAdditional fixes for XML handler and listing builder
2012-11-10 Roland HäderMailer project continued (heavy refactoring):
2012-11-07 Roland Häder shall not have less than 10 entries
2012-11-04 Roland HäderTemporary configuration 'RAND_NUMBER' is now 'cached...
2012-11-03 Roland HäderFixes and better logging
2012-11-03 Roland HäderAdded listing of wrong 'SERVER_NAME' entries
2012-10-28 Roland HäderEmpty UA strings are better browsers
2012-10-24 Roland HäderRemoved over-hashing with master salt as it generates...
2012-10-24 Roland HäderAdded site and date key for improved security
2012-10-23 Roland HäderProject continued with rewrites:
2012-10-23 Roland HäderSub ids "fixed":
2012-10-22 Roland HäderExtension ext-grade continued:
2012-10-21 Roland HäderExtension ext-booking is basicly finished
2012-10-19 Roland HäderIf rebuildCache() is being called e.g. in view.php...
2012-10-19 Roland HäderSome rewrites, you don't need to do: bigintval(getUserD...
2012-10-17 Roland HäderCode style changed, ext-user continued:
2012-10-17 Roland HäderExtension ext-user (sub-id tracking) continued:
2012-10-13 Roland HäderMailer project continued:
2012-10-09 Roland HäderCaching of XML/email templates finished:
2012-10-08 Roland HäderMailer continued, sub-id tracking continued:
2012-10-08 Roland HäderExtension ext-user for sub id tracking continued:
2012-10-07 Roland HäderGeneralized more 'builder' functions, added XML templat...
2012-10-07 Roland HäderRewrote 'we' word a little, rewrote mail order to use...
2012-10-06 Roland HäderDereferrer is now secured with hashes
2012-10-04 Roland HäderChecked also for ext-cache, purged 'payments' cache...
2012-09-30 Roland HäderCode improved:
2012-09-29 Roland Hädermailer project continued:
2012-06-25 Roland HädergetArrayFromDirectory() does now exclude files with...
2011-11-09 Roland HäderBetter encapsulate this a little ...
2011-11-09 Roland HäderAlways reset cache and output-mode must be 'raw' to...
2011-09-19 Roland HäderNow getCurrentTheme() does check if 'theme' is provided...
2011-09-15 Roland HäderExtension ext-cprping introduced (dummy), 'install...
2011-09-11 Roland HäderFixes for purging inactive users
2011-08-28 Roland Häder will become deprecated in loadEmaiLTemplate()
2011-08-23 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, "translation" function...
2011-08-22 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-18 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, functions renamed:
2011-08-18 Roland HäderAdmin menu has now a JavaScript "effect":
2011-08-14 Roland HäderBad things are now 'classified' as bad (CSS class ...
2011-08-13 Roland HäderFixes and cleanups
2011-08-12 Roland HäderLarge code cleanups:
2011-08-12 Roland HäderHTTP-related functions refactured:
2011-08-12 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2011-08-12 Roland HäderThe 'network dailly free query amount' is now stored...
2011-08-10 Roland HäderExtension ext-admins updated:
2011-08-07 Roland HäderDon't exclude the waybackmaschine
2011-08-07 Roland Häderwww is out-dated
2011-08-05 Roland Häderearning_name renamed to earning_provider
2011-08-03 Roland HäderExtension ext-earning introduced (unfinished), renamings:
2011-07-30 Roland HäderFix for missing array element 'mails_sent'
2011-07-29 Roland HäderMore usage of wrapper functions
2011-07-29 Roland HäderSearch for email with regular expression
2011-07-29 Roland HäderDeprecated $DATA renamed:
2011-07-28 Roland HäderHandling of invalid referal ids fixed
2011-07-28 Roland Hädermerge_array() call fixed