CSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
[mailer.git] / inc / template-functions.php
2010-08-17 Roland HäderCSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
2010-08-17 Roland HäderSome improvements
2010-08-16 Roland HäderSome strtoupper() calls saved
2010-08-09 Roland HäderFix for broken emails... :(
2010-07-24 Roland HäderNaming convention applied, ext-network menu resorted:
2010-07-23 Roland HäderSome sponsor API functions added, expression function...
2010-07-22 Roland HäderNumerous ext-sponsor fixes and HTML rewrites (sorry...
2010-07-22 Roland HäderNew wrapper functions introduced
2010-07-21 Roland HäderMoved doTemplateFooBar() down (to match with other...
2010-07-21 Roland HäderNew template helper function doTemplateExtensionRegistr...
2010-07-20 Roland HäderEven more language strings renamed
2010-07-19 Roland HäderFix for inserted codes while registering of extensions...
2010-07-19 Roland HäderNew extension ext-cliclbanner introduced, a lot SVN...
2010-07-16 Roland HäderMore language strings renamed, TODOs.txt updated:
2010-07-11 Roland HäderFixes for doubler (not fully fixed) and rewrites for...
2010-07-08 Roland HäderRewrites to handle non-existent modules:
2010-07-06 Roland HäderRewrites for installation phase:
2010-07-04 Roland HäderMore cached wrapper functions added for config entries
2010-07-02 Roland HäderSome code cosmetics and fixes
2010-07-01 Roland HäderMore rewrites to make use of (cached) wrapper functions
2010-07-01 Roland HäderAPI functions renamed:
2010-07-01 Roland HäderA lot calls saved, expression language rewritten:
2010-06-30 Roland HäderRewrites/fixes in extension registration
2010-06-30 Roland HäderPossible fix for bad escaping of single-quotes
2010-06-29 Roland HäderEven more fixes for surfbar, EL rewrites
2010-06-29 Roland HäderCaching of expensive PHP functions:
2010-06-29 Roland HäderFixes and further rewrites to make use of EL
2010-06-29 Roland HäderEven more rewrites to make usage of EL
2010-06-29 Roland HäderA lot code rewritten: