2008-04-14 Roland HäderFix for double inserting of template code
2008-04-13 Roland Häderhome command now loads its template into the master...
2008-04-13 Roland HäderRemoved
2008-04-12 Roland HäderSeveral MVC classes added, entryPoint method rewritten
2008-04-12 Roland HäderMethod constructor() removed, several small fixes
2008-04-12 Roland HäderConfig added to connect to master hub
2008-04-11 Roland HäderBase controller stub added
2008-04-11 Roland HäderMissing files for command pattern added
2008-04-11 Roland HäderMore patterns added, part description changed to object...
2008-04-07 Roland HäderDoublicate method removeDraught() removed
2008-04-07 Roland Häderfinal added, code clean-ups
2008-04-07 Roland HäderInterface re-added
2008-04-07 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for older tests
2008-04-06 Roland HäderNotes in COPYING
2008-04-04 Roland HäderNews updated
2008-04-04 Roland HäderDraft of conception added
2008-04-04 Roland Häderpillory idea added
2008-04-04 Roland HäderMindMap added
2008-04-04 Roland HäderMindMap added
2008-03-15 Roland Häderfirst unit test for configuration sub system added
2008-03-15 Roland Häderremoved
2008-03-15 Roland Häderold tests moved away to make place for new PHPUnit...
2008-03-13 Roland Hädermore 'final' statements added
2008-03-13 Roland Häder'final' added to factory methods
2008-03-13 Roland Hädercomments translated
2008-03-13 Roland HäderMore exceptions added, class loader can now load extra...
2008-03-13 Roland HäderMore exceptions added, init of template engine moved...
2008-03-13 Roland Hädertodo completed
2008-03-13 Roland Hädersupport for view helpers added
2008-03-13 Roland HäderNew exception introduced, minor parts rewritten
2008-03-08 Roland Häder'final' operator fixed, uncessary methods removed
2008-03-08 Roland Hädercode comments including license information added,...
2008-03-08 Roland Hädergetter, setter are all final; several code clean-ups
2008-03-08 Roland Häderinterface added to setter
2008-03-08 Roland HäderNew interface SignableContract introduced, some comment...
2008-03-03 Roland Häderinitially added
2008-03-03 Roland Hädercore code merged, interfaces OutputStreamer implemented
2008-03-03 Roland Häderfixes on default app for tests
2008-03-03 Roland Häder(no commit message)
2008-02-24 Roland HäderTODO: We should find something better than BaseFramewor...
2008-02-24 Roland Hädertype hints added
2008-02-24 Roland Häderheader comments added
2008-02-17 Roland Häderinit phase 2
2008-02-17 Roland HäderInitial import of current development status
2008-02-17 Roland Häderignored
2008-02-17 Roland Häder(no commit message)