The protocol handler was mostly not correct as a listener was really used here.
[core.git] / inc / classes / main / container / socket / class_SocketContainer.php
2014-12-26 Roland HaederThe protocol handler was mostly not correct as a listen...
2014-12-23 Roland HaederA much better name is HandleableProtocol.
2014-12-23 Roland HaederUpdated doc tag to reflect UNL rewrites in 'hub' project.
2014-11-11 Roland HaederThe UNL (Universal Node Locator) is now handled in...
2014-10-31 Roland HaederMake UNL upper-case
2014-10-25 Roland HaederUpcoming rewrite to universal node locator (UNL) instea...
2014-10-17 Roland HaederAdded new interfaces Handleable/-DataSet and ProtocolHa...
2014-03-29 Roland HaederMerge branch 'contrib'
2014-02-21 Roland HaederImproved logger.
2013-10-19 Roland HäderCopyright year updated, converted double->single quotes
2013-07-30 Roland HäderUpdated domain without a dash :(
2013-07-18 Roland HäderChanged all true/false to TRUE/FALSE respectively as...
2013-02-13 Roland HäderUsed self::createDebugInstance(__CLASS__)->debugOutput...
2012-07-31 Roland HäderRewrote core:
2012-05-19 Roland HäderAdded ifSocketResourceMatches()
2012-05-19 Roland HäderJust for debugging purposes ...
2012-05-19 Roland HäderRemove unneeded array elements to save some memory
2012-05-19 Roland HäderMore debug lines and renamed ->
2012-05-16 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2012-03-24 Roland HäderFixed a typo
2011-07-21 Roland HäderMinor improvements here and there:
2011-03-05 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2011-02-28 Roland Häder'public static final' is correct
2010-05-22 Roland HäderMoved socket registry to hub project, extended socket...
2010-04-26 Roland HäderSocketRegistry basicly finished: