2016-03-29 Roland HäderSome privacy-aware sites may not like externally refere...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderIntroduced isReadableFile() which encapsulates checking...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderDon't delete or mark/unmark files/directories that...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderRenamed function as it doesn't list any files but creat...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderMoved more code to functions to encapsulate a bit more.
2016-03-29 Roland HäderAlso here the upload path needs to be included, else...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderOnly read files for listing them if the feature is...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderSome improvements:
2016-03-29 Roland HäderOpps, wrong language according to https://validator...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderScripts or stylesheets should be placed in comment...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderFull-qualified path name "detection" added.
2016-03-29 Roland HäderBetter use mt_rand() as it produces better random numbers.
2016-03-29 Roland HäderFunction names should be like someFoo() as by a very...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderAll files have now "native" EOL. This is reallyuseful...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderSupport for local configuration file added + ignored...
2016-03-29 Roland HäderAdded language support and some meta tags.
2015-02-12 muchweb:memo: README update
2015-02-12 AleksMerge pull request #2 from muchweb/life-time
2015-02-12 muchwebRemoving unused files
2015-02-11 muchwebListing files
2015-02-07 AleksUpdate
2015-02-07 AleksUpdate
2015-01-14 muchwebVerious improvements
2014-12-19 muchwebAdding new config option
2014-11-07 s-ko:lipstick: Style changes
2014-10-20 Aleks:memo: Updated security note
2014-10-16 muchwebForm auto-submit
2014-10-15 s-koRemoved 'uploaded files' paragraph
2014-10-15 s-ko:lipstick: Max width styles
2014-10-15 s-ko:memo: Added TODO
2014-10-15 s-koAbility to mark files private
2014-10-15 s-koForm auto-submitting
2014-10-15 s-koCorrect link for GH ribbon
2014-10-15 s-koAdded GitHub ribbon
2014-10-15 s-koPrettier dark page style
2014-10-15 s-koLayout for better targeting
2014-10-15 s-koManual URL and debug setting
2014-10-02 s-koChanged alphabet
2014-10-01 s-ko:memo: Added server config example
2014-09-28 s-koAdded check to see if file exists
2014-09-27 s-ko:memo: Updated available options doc
2014-09-27 s-koAdded multiple upload and removed drag&drop temporarely
2014-09-27 s-koAbility to remove files
2014-09-27 s-koAdded check if file exists
2014-09-27 s-koAdded maximum upload size display
2014-09-27 s-ko:memo: Updated options docs
2014-09-25 s-koOnly listing files (hiding directories)
2014-09-25 s-koMoved date format to separate variable
2014-09-25 s-koDisabled debug information by default
2014-09-25 s-koAdded optional modification date display
2014-09-25 s-koAdded optional file size display
2014-09-25 s-koAdded random file name capability
2014-09-25 s-koChanged settings variables
2014-09-25 s-koAdded full `<?php` tags
2014-09-24 AleksRenamed license file (removed `.md`)
2014-09-23 muchwebAdded license to file itself
2014-09-23 AleksAdded license
2014-09-23 muchwebAdded debug information display
2014-09-22 Aleks:memo: :bug: Fixed typo
2014-09-22 Aleks:memo: Added cURL example
2014-09-21 s-ko:memo: Added usage note
2014-09-21 s-ko:memo: Added README
2014-09-21 s-koCorrected list files setting default value
2014-09-21 s-koAdded uploaded link display
2014-09-21 s-ko:fire: Removed extra dropzone dependancy
2014-09-21 s-koAdded HTML5 drag&drop upload integration
2014-09-21 s-koSimple upload HTML form