The 'c' mode will do the following:
[core.git] / inc /
2014-05-17 Roland HaederThe 'c' mode will do the following:
2014-05-17 Roland HaederRenamed getPosition() -> getSeekPosition().
2014-05-17 Roland HaederTypo fixed. ;-(
2014-05-17 Roland HaederOpps, don't use instance here, file pointer is okay...
2014-05-17 Roland HaederFixed parser error.
2014-05-17 Roland HaederContinued with file-based hash:
2014-05-17 Roland HaederContinued with file-based stacks:
2014-05-16 Roland HaederRe-added them again ...
2014-05-16 Roland HaederMoved to correct method.
2014-05-16 Roland HaederAdded missing methods from Streamable interface.
2014-05-16 Roland HaederOpps, had 2 Streamable interfaces ...
2014-05-16 Roland HaederContinued with file i/o:
2014-05-16 Roland HaederMaybe more classes needs to have these methods (with...
2014-05-16 Roland HaederContinued with file-based stacks and file i/o:
2014-05-16 Roland HaederAdded new interfaces for file i/o classes.
2014-05-16 Roland HaederContinued on file-based stack:
2014-05-15 Roland HaederAdded some class fields/attributes.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederFixed assertion.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederFixed type-hint (still no interface).
2014-05-15 Roland HaederMode must be 'a+b' (append, binary-safe).
2014-05-15 Roland HaederRevert "Use realpath() to secure file and path names."
2014-05-15 Roland HaederUse realpath() to secure file and path names.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederContinued:
2014-05-15 Roland HaederRenamed initStack() -> initFileStack() in BaseFileStack...
2014-05-15 Roland HaederContinued with file-based stacks:
2014-05-15 Roland HaederFixed, opps.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederContinued with loader and file i/o stuff:
2014-05-15 Roland HaederFixed calling ObjectFactory::createObjectByConfiguredNa...
2014-05-15 Roland HaederCheck if path can be loadded before attempting it.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederAdded scanApplicationClasses().
2014-05-15 Roland HaederContinued:
2014-05-14 Roland HaederInitialize the file-based stack with initStack() where...
2014-05-14 Roland HaederAdded fileName parameter.
2014-05-14 Roland HaederDon't call the class' factory method directly, use...
2014-05-14 Roland HaederIntroduced scanFrameworkClasses().
2014-05-14 Roland HaederReverted some last changes + added FrameworkFileInputOu...
2014-05-14 Roland HaederRewrote both file i/o classes to have a common BaseFile...
2014-05-13 Roland HaederContinued with file-based stacks:
2014-05-13 Roland HäderFixed reading directories.
2014-05-12 Roland HaederCommented out noisy debug lines.
2014-05-12 Roland HaederImproved directory (non-recursive) reading:
2014-05-12 Roland HaederRewrites for client factory, added methods for HttpClie...
2014-05-12 Roland HaederAdded first client (HTTP) classes and interfaces for...
2014-03-29 Roland HaederMerge branch 'contrib'
2014-03-20 Roland HaederAdded translateBooleanToYesNo().
2014-03-17 Roland HaederAdded new exception code (please cleanup others!).
2014-03-17 Roland HaederSimplified some code + fixed set/get usage (should...
2014-02-21 Roland HaederImproved logger.
2014-02-21 Roland HaederTried to make debugger instance more singleton.
2014-02-15 Roland HaederImproved some debug messages with method's name.
2014-02-15 Roland HaederLog also whole data.
2014-02-15 Roland HaederAdded exit; after all trigger_error() calls.
2014-02-12 Roland HaederWas to noisy.
2014-02-10 Roland HaederCommented out noisy debug lines.
2014-02-10 Roland HaederOpps, forgot to return value + more logging.
2014-02-10 Roland HaederAdded more debug lines + missing super method.
2014-02-10 Roland HaederAlso this static. :-(
2014-02-10 Roland HaederAdded missing methods to interface and added newly...
2014-02-10 Roland HaederAdded missing method.
2014-02-09 Roland HaederAdded removeNonPublicDataFromArray().
2014-02-09 Roland HaederThe previous way didn't work, as the variable stack...
2014-02-09 Roland HaederAdded injectConfigVariables(), please do use with great...
2014-02-09 Roland HaederLittle resorting of public methods: all variable-relate...
2014-02-09 Roland HaederMoved regex to variable.
2014-02-09 Roland HaederConverted more double-quotes to single. This causes...
2014-02-07 Roland HaederCache of database "queries" can now be disabled (defaul...
2014-02-05 Roland HaederMade NullCryptoStream compatible again wit implemented...
2014-02-04 Roland HaederAnd same thing here. As you can see it is very easy...
2014-02-04 Roland HaederRenamed to DatabaseBackend to get rid of word 'Interfac...
2013-10-19 Roland HäderCopyright year updated, converted double->single quotes
2013-10-19 Roland HäderAdded assert() + commented in debug lines
2013-07-30 Roland HäderUpdated domain without a dash :(
2013-07-25 Roland HäderRenamed 'stacker' -> 'stack'
2013-07-25 Roland HäderOpps, was to warm here :(
2013-07-25 Roland HäderReplaced more double-quotes to single, exposed in...
2013-07-19 Roland HäderUsed valid() instead of next()
2013-07-18 Roland HäderChanged all true/false to TRUE/FALSE respectively as...
2013-07-18 Roland HäderBetter check for PHP version in setMagicQuotesRuntime...
2013-07-17 Roland HäderIntroduced initStackers() which wraps initialization...
2013-07-04 Roland HäderRenamed endElement() to finishElement(), see the final...
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed (again) some more generic array handling
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed more generic array handling #2
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed more generic array handling, introduced unsetGene...
2013-06-28 Roland HäderAdded option parameter 'forceInit'
2013-06-28 Roland HäderFixed handling of newly introduced generic array
2013-06-23 Roland HäderFixed more methods, value from shiftGenericArrayElement...
2013-06-23 Roland HäderIntroduced isValidGenericArrayKey()
2013-06-23 Roland HäderFix for wrong method call
2013-06-23 Roland HäderPatches for making new generic array working
2013-06-23 Roland HäderFixes and double->single converted
2013-05-31 Roland HäderMade lower to upper case:
2013-05-04 Roland HäderSame as before
2013-05-04 Roland HäderFixed missing array
2013-03-03 Roland HäderUse array_push() instead of []
2013-02-25 Roland HäderAdded line number to debug lines as this will become...
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :( #3
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-22 Roland HäderIntroduced unsetCriteria()
2013-02-22 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-22 Roland HäderUpdated core: